We know that there are already established rack rentals are out there, but we also know how sky-high the prices are for renting the racks and practicing sessions. We, too, have faced the struggle of it. N that’s when we decided to come up with MOON LABS.

A rack rental, which is primarily built with the idea of helping the community, and making the experience joyful for everyone! Also, MOON LABS not just believes in making the access available at an affordable price but also providing high quality and the best experience for everyone!

The networking industry is one of the most demanding professions in today’s world. And as demanding it is, as struggling it has become. How would you expect a person to put so much money into learning and practicing without having a job or income? But as we also are a part of the networking community, we have seen passionate people out there, who still do it, who still try to put the money they don’t have for practicing and sharpening their skills!

They fill themselves with the knowledge but also helps the newcomers and any others who are struggling! N they are our inspiration!

We have created a similar environment based on the hardware and software specifications as publicly stated to be used in the actual exam. So, when you practice on our racks enough, you will feel more confident about appearing for the exam! We have also designed some lab topologies for the beginners to start with practicing those and become more confident. Also, if you want to design and practice your own lab, you are at the right place! Practice enough and get your certification! All the best!

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